The quietest wedding auditorium-4

/September 2021

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With the same expectation of "returning to the simplest and pure love", we found the most authentic sample in the small town of Audio, located in Zangma Mountain, Qingdao. 

Relying on the natural landscapes of the local mountain fields and gurgling streams, Rongchuang Aduo town decided to make use of the natural conditions of the mountains to build "the quietest wedding auditorium in the world". As a result, the Moon's empty Wedding Auditorium came into being. 

The Moon's empty Marriage Auditorium, built with a white steel structure, is pure, quiet, poetic, and without losing the sense of holiness. The internal cavity structure takes marriage as the starting point of gestation, giving people a sense of healing like a baby. 

In the hearts of every couple, they once had beautiful fantasies about the wedding. 

The couple's beautiful images of the wedding is all hidden in the three keywords of "Pure, ethereal, and return" in the Moon Wedding Auditorium: 

Make vows in such as silver moonlight and endless mountains and seas, there are no gorgeous words and noises, only the mountains behind you are gently surrounded, surrounded by the most natural and simple plants and trees in heaven and earth, where lovers hope that marriage will be as romantic as mountains and seas for a long time, and there is also the simplicity and warmth of ordinary days. 

After the wedding, you don't have to leave in a hurry, you can choose to realize the dream of poetic residence in the small town of Audio. 

Return to the pastoral life of "sunrise and sunset" on the farm and Qiu Tian, realize the Zen tea life of seclusion in the tea field, feel the extreme romance in the Rose Valley, dream back to the Tang Dynasty in the immersive experience of the ancient streets, and enjoy the leisurely time. 

As the first work to create China's "small-town system", Aduo town is built with poetic pastoral as the core, from 2018 to now, the construction, the town has been gradually enriched and perfected. 

From the material to the spiritual, and then to the emotional value, Rongchuang has always assumed the leading role of the town, while the Moon empty Marriage Auditorium, as the spiritual landmark of the town, carries the blessing in the hope that young people will lay down their spiritual baggage and feel the sincerity and beauty of love again. 

This "quietest wedding auditorium" contains the most simple and beautiful view of love, hoping to provide couples with a "quiet" wedding that belongs to two people, so that they can have a cleaner and pure wedding, return to love in awe and heal each other when they are connected.