The quietest wedding auditorium-3

/September 2021

A simple wedding, a clean place, is the best picture for lovers to deliver all their lives. 

As a result, a ceremonial, quiet, and moving lightweight wedding is becoming the ideal wedding for more and more young people. 


Reshape the wedding, find the best appearance of love. 

It is easy for us to feel that this is an era of "rare love". 

At present, love stories always appear in front of us as love accidents, instrumental rationality continues to expand, "scientific puppy love" once again makes emotion become a vassal of personal utilitarian goals, and love is marginalized, as the writer Mu Xin said. Love has become a lost knowledge, and simple and sincere love has become a scarcity. 

As early as 2015, New Weekly mentioned in the Valentine's Day special "Jane Eyre", "Love also has the friendship between gentlemen, not your face for my room, but your heart close to my heart." 

What love needs most is not material things, but seemingly "useless" experiences and common experiences. 

The wedding is an important part of the love experience, the most can not be ignored is always people and feelings. 

The ideal wedding should allow lovers to review their common experiences along the way, feel each other quietly and see each other's sincerity, rather than being buried by piled-up materials and complicated programs. 

In the final analysis, when young people reshape weddings, they are also reshaping their imagination of love. 

As an important transitional ceremony, young people look forward to regaining the "awe" of love and finding the original heart of love in a more sacred wedding. 

The appearance of the wedding is an important ceremony, the essence is still untouchable, touching love.

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