The quietest wedding auditorium-2

/September 2021

The irrationality in the old customs of weddings has long aroused dissatisfaction among young people. 

Douban "Marriage without Wedding Group" 

"weddings are supposed to be romantic and sacred, but more often they are like a show." 

Behind the lack of feeling about weddings among contemporary young people, it is questioning the meaning that weddings can carry nowadays. 

Interestingly, some young people show their expectations for weddings. 

In the Little Red Book, which focuses on recommended content, there are more than 3.8 million posts discussing weddings. 

This means that for those young people who are looking forward to marriage, the wedding is still worth looking forward to, and everyone just doesn't want to have an unnecessary performance wedding. 


What does this young man's ideal wedding look like? 

Fed up with the tedious and heavy traditional marriage customs, the lightweight wedding has become a consensus reached by many young people on the Internet. 

In their ideal wedding, there is no alcohol persuasion, bear children and "elders" who do not understand the minds of young people. 

But on the lawn or beach by the sea, there are two or three true friends, parents, and loved ones in this life, who are relaxed and happy to complete the ceremony at dusk in the afterglow of the setting sun. 

Gorgeous wine and meat banquet is not necessary, a simple and pure wedding, sitting with the most familiar relatives and friends, everyone eating simple self-help snacks is enough. 

"A wedding should be a witness to happiness, not a burden to anyone." 

The girl Xiao Zhi used "quiet" to describe her expectations for the wedding. In a quiet place, looking at each other from far to near, she felt that the wedding was solemn and romantic. 

Bathe the most sacred love with the clearest light. 

The change of young people's attitude towards weddings is essentially inseparable from the change of the concept of marriage and love. 

Shen Yifei, an associate professor in the Department of Sociology of Fudan University, has put forward two concepts: 

In the past, society emphasized the interests of the family, and the survival of the individual was mainly dependent on the family, and the significance of marriage was mainly to carry on the family line, which belonged to "predestined marriage". In the contemporary era, society pays more attention to individual interests, and the significance of marriage is mainly to achieve personal happiness, so modern marriage belongs to "love marriage". 

At the same time, a survey shows that more than 70 percent of young people do not think that "one must get married in one's life", and more than half insist that "only when you meet someone you like will you get married." 

The wedding, as an important ceremony to enter the marriage, needs to bring happiness, not more burden. 

Moreover, seeing so much love deteriorate in the flashy era of material desires, also makes young people feel more and more that the ostentatious size of weddings has nothing to do with happiness. 

Love needs to be cleaner and purer, and weddings should also bring love back to life rather than ostentatious display, show-off, and performance.

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