The quietest wedding auditorium-1

/September 2021

Statistics show that more than 400000 couples held weddings during the May Day holiday this year, making it the first wedding peak in 2021. 

In the few long holidays suitable for marriage throughout the year, the National Day Golden week is unlikely to be missed. 

With less than half a month to go before the National Day Golden week, have you received a lot of wedding invitations from your classmates, colleagues, and cousins? 

It seems to be a romantic thing to witness a couple enter the marriage hall in the crisp autumn of October. 

However, the truth may be that if you have not yet entered the hall of marriage, you may suffer from "wedding phobia" if you have complained about the scene of contemporary Chinese weddings countless times. 

Leisurely a white church turned to meet the purest love. 


I've been to a "performance" wedding, and I'm a little socially scared. 

In the new season of "Talk Show", talk show actress Zhao Xiaohui complained about her recent experience of being a bridesmaid for a good friend. 

When she helped hide her shoes and tried to block the door according to the traditional marriage custom, she couldn't help but wonder, "can I stop this marriage as long as I work hard enough?" 

Unfortunately, Xiaohui's marital anxiety was not cured at this wedding. 

Even, she felt a little absurd by all kinds of seemingly unnecessary "designated movements" at the wedding. 

You know, hiding shoes, blocking doors, and handing out red envelopes are all a piece of cake. 

In reality, we complain about numerous wedding scenes that make people feel confused, tired, and more than a trace of fear. 

For example, a netizen from Zhihu mentioned that on his sister's wedding day, because the marriage custom of the husband's family is to kowtow to all the elders in the family, and because there are so many relatives in his brother-in-law's family, "they did nothing else on their wedding day and kowtowed." 

"the bride and groom were watched in their wedding clothes, smirking in front of a group of strangers and even performing in a talent show." 

As a simple "onlooker", after seeing such embarrassing scenes several times, Xiao Li, a post-90s girl, lost her vision for the wedding. 

In Douban, the "no wedding group" gathered more than 2000 young people like Xiao Li, and "don't want to show it to others" became the main reason for their resistance to weddings.

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