The husband and wife who are 37 years apart are married

/September 2021

The 24-year-old man is engaged to a 61-year-old woman, the age is not the distance, in the face of bad comments about the love life of 24-year-old Gulan McCain and 61-year-old Cheryl McGregor. 

Now, they have finally entered the hall of marriage. 

Cheryl and Gulan, 24, of Georgia, broadcast their wedding live on social media on Sept. 3. 

'We invited our best friends to our wedding, and then we had dinner together, 'Mr. Gulan said. 

Gulan was 15 years old when they first met in 2012 when he worked at a fast-food restaurant run by Cheryl's son Chris. 

It was not until last year, when Quran was 23, that they began to fall in love. 

Despite receiving a lot of negative comments about their age gap online, the couple still posted posts on social media to let fans know about their lives. 

Mr. Gulan said they lost contact after they first met until November 2020, when they met at the store where Cheryl worked. 

Mr. Gulan says he feels very differently about Cheryl and does not feel that way about anyone else. 

After that, he kept in touch and officially became a couple. 

Three months later, Quran picked out a $3000 ring and proposed to Cheryl at the Olive Garden Restaurant. 

"I was very nervous and I tried to stay calm, but as soon as I entered the parking lot, I cried," he said. 

"she is beautiful, elegant, strong, noble, honest, and compassionate. 

Cheryl was shocked because she didn't know I proposed, but it made her feel special. 

We all love each other unconditionally. " 

They are now online celebrities, jointly opening a social account to record their lives. 

Cheryl had seven children, and three of them agreed to the marriage, one of whom was younger than Quran. 

Quran's family has always supported him. 

"my grandmother likes to hear our stories. She is six years older than Cheryl, which makes her wish she could find true love," Gulan said. 

The comments we get are both positive and negative. 

The worst-case scenario is that I'm using Cheryl to make money. " 

Their wedding video has been viewed by 100,000 people, including staunch supporters who sent their best wishes in the comments section.

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