The fun things at the wedding-3

/September 2021

3. Accidents caused by fireworks

Some weddings will prepare some wedding fireworks, that is, hold them in their hands, twist them with a bang, and fly out of colorful fragments like snowflakes. 

Fireworks are usually set off when a couple walks the red carpet, while those who set off fireworks are generally not professional wedding company personnel, but basically relatives and friends of the couple. 

I heard that there was a couple getting married, and relatives and friends helped set off fireworks. With the accompaniment of wonderful wedding music, the couple walked slowly to the red carpet, and they heard a bang, and the fireworks rang. 

It was supposed to be a wonderful and happy sound, but as a result, the fireworks hit the bride's eyes (the editor could not help but touch the eyes, it hurts to think about it). 

The bride was magnanimous and persisted in holding the wedding ceremony after the pain. As soon as the ceremony was over, the bridegroom took the bride to the hospital. 

[Words from editors] You need to find someone reliable to do this job. Don't let this tragedy happen again. 

It's not good to hit the bride and groom, it's not good to reach the distinguished guests, and it's not good to hit the flowers and plants.

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