The fun things at the wedding-2

/September 2021

2. An unreliable bridegroom

After saying the unhappy bride, here is another story about the unreliable bridegroom. 

At the wedding, the bride and groom are both handsome and beautiful. Of course, there is also the kind of bride who is very nice and the groom looks like a loser. 

That's how the story begins. 

On the wedding day, the emcee went to the hotel to confirm the wedding process and ceremony with the couple. 

Then see the bride, that is called a person always dragon and Phoenix, small and lovely. 

But after looking for a long time, I found that an inconspicuous person around the bride was the bridegroom. 

The bridegroom wore his usual gray jacket and a pair of ordinary jeans without even wearing a suit. 

If he wasn't wearing the bridegroom's corsage, he didn't believe it was the bridegroom. 

When walking the red carpet at the wedding site, the bride was graceful and graceful, and the fairy came down to earth, but the bridegroom bowed his head all the way, timid, and touched his nose from time to time, feeling that he had no place to live. 

In the stage of the newlyweds' speech, the bridegroom took over the microphone, could not hold back a few words for a long time, and stammered. 

Brother, you should memorize this occasion, too. 

The bride was also anxious, grabbed the microphone, and said some words of thanks graciously. 

Finally, the wedding was over. During the dinner, several friends of the bridegroom came to eat and drink with the bridegroom. The groom's expression was relaxed and natural, and he felt relieved. 

How can such a beautiful and smart girl find such a man? Isn't it a pity?

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