The fun things at the wedding-1

/September 2021

The wedding is the witness of sweet love, the wedding is happy, the wedding is touching, of course, the wedding is also "interesting"! 

1. An unhappy bride. 

I have a friend who is a wedding celebrator. 

Once presided over a wedding, the couple was late, and did not arrive at the wedding scene until it was close to one o'clock at noon. 

The guests also began to sigh underneath, getting a little impatient. 

Later, the couple finally arrived, and as time was tight, the wedding began immediately. 

After the friend's sentimental prologue, invite the newcomer to play. 

It turned out that the bridegroom was smiling, while the bride was "clouded" with anger. 

Why is the bride unhappy? is it because she is late for the wedding today? 

On this big day, even if you are unhappy, you should calm down a little bit. 

On the occasion of exchanging rings, the groom asked the bridegroom if he would like to marry the bride, and the bridegroom readily agreed; when asked if the bride would like to marry the bridegroom, the bride was silent! 

At that time, the scene was very awkward, and the etiquette friend also said that it was impossible to take the job. 

Witty as he was, he said that the bride must be shy, and then when asked again, the bride finally whispered yes. 

Fortunately, there was no danger. My friend broke out in a cold sweat and quickly encouraged everyone to applaud. 

A friend later talked about the matter and said that if the bride changed her mind not to get married, it would not be embarrassing for a time, but a thousand degrees of embarrassment. 

On the wedding day, we still put the overall situation first, and we will talk about some trivial things after marriage. 

Don't put on a sad face on the big day. 

Besides, we all have wedding photography now, and we have to take it out and look back in the future!

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