The best man flirted with the bridesmaids but was flirted by the bridesmaids-1

/September 2021

We all know that marriage is a major event in life, marriage means you have to start a family with another person you love, and two people will support each other until they grow old. after all, that's what a partner is all about. 

It is precise because of the importance of marriage, we young people will spend more manpower and material resources to organize weddings, in order not to let themselves regret, social development, people's living standards have improved, and ideas have become more and more open. Wedding ceremonies are a combination of China and the West. Generally, the couple will wear traditional wedding clothes when they pick up their parents, and they will wear Western-style wedding clothes when they salute in the big hotel. 

The groom wears a suit, the bride wears a white wedding dress, and at the wedding scene, the bride and groom invite their relatives and friends to witness their wedding. 

We all know that there are always bridesmaids and best men at the wedding. Before, both bridesmaids and best men were the same, but now the bride and groom invite a lot of bridesmaids and groomsmen for fun and become bridesmaids and groomsmen, but the customs are different in each place. 

But what is missing is the "bridal chamber", which can be found everywhere. Bridal chamber is the bridesmaid and the best man to bring together the bride and groom to play some games with them. 

However, there is a lot of trouble in the bridal chamber in some places, and the bridesmaids are always badly beaten by the best man. Although the atmosphere is very good and the wedding is very lively, such a practice should not be advocated.

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