The Wedding-2

/September 2021

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"Sir, please hold this rose in your mouth before you go in." 

The receptionist, dressed in a white suit and black bow tie, said, handing over a red rose that had gone to the thorn. 

The musician smiled thoughtfully and meditated in his heart. It seemed that he was in the right place. It was this guy's style that made it quite romantic. 

The church is extremely quiet, because there is a bright red flower in each of the people present, and the Buddha is showing a warm and silent sea of flowers against the white walls around. 

There are lilies on both sides of the middle aisle, complementing the roses in people's mouths. 

At the end of the passage stood a tall, majestic white cross, on which the sun was spread through the glass behind it, as if from heaven with the blessing of angels. 

At that time, the Wedding March was played, and the priest stood under the solemn cross, dressed in white robes and red ribbons, holding the Bible in his right hand. 

Zhang Mao stood on the priest's left hand, giggling as if happiness was about to overflow, but his vibrating pupils exposed his excitement and nervousness. 

Jia Ling took her father's arm and walked slowly to the altar. When the tearful old father handed over the bride to the bridegroom, a slight sob could be heard in the seat, and when the three men on the stage were already full of tears, some men with shallow eyes also began to lose their spirits. 

Then the priest read the Bible and said to Zhang Mobi, would you like to marry this beautiful woman around you as your wife? 

Are you willing, whether in good times or bad, rich or poor, healthy or sick, happy or sad, you will love her unreservedly and be loyal to her forever? 

Zhang Mao pointed a finger at himself, then his index finger and thumb pressed against his chin and nodded heavily. 

The priest repeated the question to the bride. there was no doubt that it was the same "I do" action. Jia Ling first reached out to himself, looked affectionately at Zhang Mao, and nodded gently with teardrops as his trembling index finger and thumb reached his jaw.