The Wedding-1

/September 2021

The wedding of Zhang Mao and Jia Ling was held in a church, where the dome of the church logs was matched with transparent glass, which had a fresh and solemn meaning, and the white walls around it added a sense of holiness. 

Although the building looks like a vegetable shed for vegetable farmers from the outside, you will give up the idea when you see the cross at the front of the church. 

Against the background of the blue sky and blue sea, everyone believes that this will be an extremely romantic wedding. 

Li Lejia traveled thousands of kilometers to attend the wedding of his former classmates. 

As the distance approached, the roof of the church could be seen from a distance. 

Li Lejia was fascinated by the gleaming dome in the sun as if he had returned to the top floor of the university library five years ago, and this strange classmate ran wantonly with open arms in the rain. 

With a smile inadvertently on the corner of his mouth, he gently shook his head and thought to himself that he was just staying under the eaves at that time, and now he can't do such a thing like Secondary two. 

However, there was more than one interesting story about this old man. Lejia especially remembers that when he returned to school during the summer vacation and saw Zhang Mao, who was dark all over, he was so shocked that no one could help but ask his soul: Lao Zhang, this is deeply influenced by American TV dramas. Where did you go to tan during the summer vacation?. 

But guess how people responded. The soul sensed the call of Gang Rinpozi, rode into Tibet, and washed his body and soul to the place closest to heaven in the world. 

What a strange and kind of magical guy. 

Time is always speeding up in memory, and before you know it, the car drives to the church. 

This holy and beautiful building comes into view, giving people a sense of solemnity. 

The musician looked at his watch. It was a quarter of an hour before 11:00. He straightened his tie and walked towards the entrance to the church.

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