The Shiba Inu And The Wedding Ring

/September 2021

The wedding is the grandest ceremony in one's life. now it is not only a grand wedding but also a new idea. recently, many newlyweds have asked their beloved dog to act as a courier in the exchange of rings, and that picture is eye-catching. 

There is a pair of newlyweds, the bridegroom has a Shiba Inu in the official family. He is usually smart and learns everything quickly, but he is a bit stupid at ordinary times. 

The groom wanted to surprise the bride at the wedding, so he specially trained the Shiba Inu to give him a ring. Sure enough, the Shiba Inu didn't let him down and soon learned, and the two cooperated tacitly. The bridegroom felt that everything was ready and waited for the wedding day to shine. 

The wedding came as scheduled, the exchange of rings came to the environment, the Shiba Inu has been carefully dressed, the original cute appearance, now still a little handsome, very likable. 

Just on the stage, the Shiba Inu went to the groom solemnly, and the bridegroom was ready to greet the ring sent by the Shiba Inu like a dress rehearsal. 

The Shiba Inu was almost in front of the bridegroom, and the bridegroom was ready to bend over to take the ring. The Shiba Inu suddenly turned and ran, leaving a bewildered bridegroom. 

The Shiba Inu ran to the entrance and looked back at the bridegroom as if to chase me and play with me. 

Shiba Inu has made the whole wedding scene lively, and it was regarded as a gift for the bridegroom, although it was a little frightening.

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