The Most Expensive Wedding Car

/September 2021

The most expensive wedding car in history-- the newlyweds crowded the subway to attend the wedding. 

Approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

It is the time when the full moon is in full bloom. 

Many people have also chosen a good day. 

Tie the knot. 

10:00 on September eleventh. 

On Shenzhen Metro Line 1. 

A couple of newlyweds take the subway. 

And several best men and bridesmaids. 

Go to the wedding scene. 

During this period, we kept handing out happy candies to passengers. 

Mr. Gong, the video photographer, revealed that. 

Newcomers and bridesmaids. 

Enter the subway at Gangxia Station. 

The newlyweds in the car plus the best man and bridesmaids. 

There are about seven or eight people in total. 

They have some wedding candies. 

Some take a group photo. 

Everyone is also very cooperative. 

I was secretly delighted. 

The passengers present blessed one after another. 

All of a sudden, the car is full of joy. 

Netizens in the same car are also there. 

Happy candy was posted on the Internet. 

Share happiness with you. 

Netizens across the screen. 

Also expressed his thoughts and blessings. 

Many young people nowadays. 

All want to do it in a new way. 

To accomplish this great event in life. 

Some people get married by subway. 

Some people get married in sedan chairs. 

At the same time when the ceremony is full. 

It also gives more people a sense of participation. 

Some people get married on the tricycle. 

Some people ride shared bikes to get married. 


It doesn't matter how. 

Two hearts are running to each other. 

That's what matters.

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