The Italian weddings: Advocation of freedom

/September 2021

Engagement ring. 

Italians practice autonomy in marriage, equality between men and women, and free love, and their marriage customs are more or less the same as those in other European countries. 

Today's Italian men and women have a lot of opportunities to get in touch with each other, and they may be looking for their beloved partners. 

Young people make use of the relationships of classmates, colleagues, fellow villagers, or through the introduction of relatives and friends to get to know each other in activities such as traveling, skiing, playing ball, watching horse racing, car racing, boat racing, or dancing, singing, watching cultural performances, and so on. after a period of communication and love process, some even take the initiative to consult their parents or relatives and friends before deciding on life events. 

Young men and women vary from realizing the length of time it takes to get married, some go through the engagement stage after meeting and then get married after 2012, while others decide to get married soon after getting acquainted, without going through the engagement process. 

The etiquette of engagement is not very complicated. after a man and a woman fall in love, they announce their engagement with the consent of their parents. 

The man should present the engagement ring to the woman and personally wear it on the ring finger of the woman's left hand. 

Both men and women should inform their relatives and friends of the news, announce that they have become an unmarried couple, and arrange for their parents, relatives, and friends to have dinner together. 

Relatives and friends should give gifts and congratulations to both parties of the engagement. 

There are many legends about women wearing engagement and wedding rings. 

One legend is that the ring is made of gold and is very strong, indicating that the marriage is unbreakable, while it is seamless and symbolizes the completion of the marriage and the boundless happiness after marriage. 

Another legend is that in ancient times, there was no free love, and rich and powerful people often forced women to marry, or even robbed them. 

Men will rob women to put on shackles in the coming year. 

After years of evolution, the yoke became an engagement or wedding ring. 

After the man put on the ring to the woman, he said that she belonged to him. 

That's where the ring came from. 

All kinds of weddings. 

After the engagement men and women tie the knot forever, they have to make a series of preparations for the formal wedding, such as decorating the new house, buying furniture and daily necessities, issuing invitations, contacting the place where the wedding will be held, preparing wedding dresses, and so on. 

Once it is ready, the time for the wedding will come. 

Both men and women consult beforehand and get married on a certain date. 

Italians are used to setting marriage dates in spring and autumn, usually in March, April, July, September, and October. 

Because spring blossoms and the climate is pleasant, especially in March and April around Easter, which is a festival full of growth and vitality, more young men and women get married during this period. 

The Golden Autumn Festival is also a time when young people often choose to hold weddings.

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