The British royal family held another romantic wedding-2

/September 2021

Like Kate's Princess Charlotte, Prince George, she has been a flower girl several times since she was a child. 

Although the diamond crown worn by the bride on that day is not as good as the heirloom crowns of Kate and Megan, it is also very luxurious and brilliant. 

Like the princess out of the cartoon, the bride's wedding dress shows her femininity with a low-cut design the neckline design of the wedding dress is the tone of the overall shape, and this wedding dress is a small sexy route. 

(2) Princess Sophie's shape is more amazing. 

Princess Sophie is the Queen's favorite daughter-in-law because she keeps a low profile. 

And now it has become a good helper for the Queen, attending various events. 

Princess Sophie's clothes are very good. Before, everyone paid attention to Princess Diana's clothes. It seems that the fashion potential of the Queen's daughter-in-law has just been tapped. 

Princess Sophie, who is almost 60 years old, looked so tender in this pink dress that day. 

This kind of palace feeling pink skirt, bubble sleeve design is very lovely, Megan's sense of presence in the British royal family is getting weaker and weaker, and in Megan's previous work, the Queen intends to let her daughter-in-law take over. 

So Princess Sophie did not disappoint the Queen, showing a more dignified sense of dignity than Camilla every time. 

Princess Sophie chose such a super delicate pink dress with a white top hat, white bag, and white high heels. Her temperament could compete with Princess Diana if she were still alive. 

Nowadays, because of the epidemic, many royal weddings have become simple, but we can still feel the romance of this fairy tale world. 

The British royal family held another romantic wedding! 

The bride is more beautiful than Megan, and the queen's daughter-in-law is too shiny in a pink dress.

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