The British royal family held another romantic wedding-1

/September 2021

The wedding of members of the British royal family has always been looked forward to as if it were a realistic version of a fairy tale. 

And the royal bride's wedding dress and the crown will also attract a lot of attention, the crown is generally a royal family heirloom, are borrowed from the Queen of England. 

The royal family held another grand royal wedding on Friday local time. The bride is Flora Some, granddaughter of Princess Alexandra, the youngest granddaughter of Prince George, Duke of Kent. 

(1) the shape of the bride's wedding dress. 

The 26-year-old bride has a babyface, which is more beautiful than Megan. 

At the wedding, the guests were all members of the royal family, and Princess Sophie and Prince Edward, the Queen's youngest daughter-in-law, were also dressed up, especially Princess Sophie, who now plays a leading role in the royal family. It was so beautiful that it almost stole the limelight from the bride. 

The bride's wedding dress uses a combination of tulle and satin, and the overall style also belongs to the simple type. 

The wedding season is coming soon, and the recent wedding dress shapes of many members of the royal family and stars may give some inspiration to the immortals who are about to get married. 

The bride's wedding dress is not the style of a very exaggerated fluffy skirt, nor is it too complicated with lace elements. The tulle is slightly embellished with some of the simplest lace to create a sense of nobility that the bride brings. 

The flower girls at the royal wedding attract their eyes every time, and the flower girls in white skirts and wreaths have become the characteristics of the royal family. 

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