Si Si, we agreed to send you to marry-4

/September 2021

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I got up as soon as the alarm went off at 3 o'clock on the 8th, and I made a video call with Juan and Si in my eyes. 

Si Si got up and put on makeup, and we chatted with her. Later, Si Si had no time to take care of us. I chatted with Juan for a while and then fell asleep. 

After six o'clock, I was awakened by the mobile phone message and found that I had missed part of the chat. 

Juan told me that she had cried and given me heartache. 

We open the video to participate in the cloud to see off, wearing headphones on the screen, want to record this unforgettable time. 

We asked Yan to answer three questions: first, say the five advantages of thinking. 

Second, say the five shortcomings you think about (it seems to be too beautiful and repeat it five times). 

It's an advantage anyway. 

Third, what to do when Si Si is angry (buy her food, coax her). 

This answer is given full marks. 

Later, I triumphantly shared my screenshot with Juan, only to find that there was no sound. 

Sisi watched the mime for more than ten minutes and felt the hustle and bustle at that time. 

Sisi told us on the afternoon of the 8th that the video we had prepared was arranged to be played at the wedding, and she burst into tears. 

Well, that's right. Full score. 

Thank you very much for Yan's perfect cooperation, which led to such a pleasant surprise. 

Si Si, we just sent you to get married. 

The wedding is only for a while, but the preparation process is long and tedious. 

Differences in ideas and local customs between the two families inevitably lead to different opinions, which is the first hurdle in the married life of the couple. 

You will eventually go through the ups and downs of spring, summer, autumn, and winter together, from green hair to the white head.