Si Si, we agreed to send you to marry-3

/September 2021

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Take T8 from Chengdu to Baoji on National Day. 

After nearly 13 hours of driving, for safety's sake, I didn't take off my mask to drink and eat. All the way, I just sat sleeping and looked at my phone in a daze. When I had had enough, I got up and went for a walk. 

On the way, I was lucky enough to meet the flight attendants inviting the masses to celebrate the double festival. I was confused and took a group photo of the group performance. 

The first time I had a holiday on the train, I ran into an activity, which was also an interesting event on the journey. 

At 09:30 in the evening, Si Si met me at Baoji Railway Station and met Yan's classmate at her new home. 

It's past 11:00 in Sisi's hometown. I ate hot food, masturbated my cat (Si's cat), and went to bed. 

Of course, I chatted with Si Si for a long time in bed. 

The next day, the banquet. 

Sisi arranged for me to stay with Yan's family in a room with a Kang to chat and liven up the atmosphere. I also ate the first round of running water mat with them for fear that I would not be able to eat. 

I got my wish on the Kang, the hard Kang with warm heat. 

Yan's family was very kind and talked a lot with them, mostly about different marriage customs and customs in different places. 

On the same day, I also saw the quilt sewn by my relatives, and there was Qin Opera on the stereo, with a strong Shaanxi flavor of marriage customs. 

Sisi's parents were very hospitable and learned that I liked bracken (their cold bracken was delicious and chewy. I didn't know what to eat at that time. I had never eaten it before). They brought me a lot of bracken and a big bag of chestnuts for me to take home and eat slowly. 

After a hasty farewell, I set out on my way home. 

Think and Yan classmates, bring your parents to my house in the future, I will take you to eat all over Leshan.