Si Si, we agreed to send you to marry-2

/September 2021

On the same day, I copied the previously recorded audio of happy newlyweds in various languages to the computer for editing. Unexpectedly, the computer got stuck and only copied audio in 52 languages. 

The clip synthesized several versions and finally finalized one. 

After careful consideration, I feel that the audio is too monotonous and sounds like a listening test, which destroys the wedding atmosphere. 

The next day Sisi asked for her wedding photo, together with our college photos, made a video, and mixed the blessing audio into the video. 

After it was made, I sent it to Juan for reference, and Juan said yes, so I quietly sent it to my husband, Yan, and asked him to help play it for Si Si on the wedding day. 

On September 20, Juan also sent me the video she had prepared. 

She has just changed her place, and there is no Internet, for the time being, so she can't edit the video. 

I edited and synthesized it for her and made several versions. after she finalized the final version, I forwarded it to Yan and asked him for help again. 

He said Si Si is so happy to have best friends like us. 

I said I have to ask him to help me realize these surprises. I can't do without him. 

Juan and I agreed on a gift, and I gave up the two yuan a day I had saved for a long time and changed it to Grandpa Mao. 

I made two red envelopes out of red gold gift paper and wrote a blessing message after loading them. 

Juan asked me to write for her, "I wish you a happy marriage, an early birth to a noble son, and everlasting happiness." 

I wrote, "at the beginning of getting married, there is a perfect match between lovebirds and ducks. 

It will be a happy wedding and a good marriage for a hundred years. "

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