Si Si, we agreed to send you to marry-1

/September 2021

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At the beginning of the year, Si Si told us that her wedding date should be this year, Juan can not come back, let me be the bridesmaid. 

Although I would like to marry her as her bridesmaid, I have been a bridesmaid three times. 

According to folk custom, you can't be a bridesmaid more than three times, otherwise, you will be single to death. 

Although I don't believe it, I am still afraid of it since I still yearn for love. 

I had to tell her that I couldn't be her bridesmaid and let her find someone else first. It didn't matter if she wasn't the best friend. 

I thought to myself that if it didn't work out in the end, I would take the job. 

Then privately discuss with Juan to surprise her to make up for it. 

First, I save two yuan a day as a wedding gift to her on her wedding day. 

Second, I learn all kinds of languages in the world, wish them a happy marriage in different languages, and make audio at the wedding scene as one of the BGM. 

Third, Juan found different people to bless Si's newlyweds during her study abroad and made a blessing video. 

Our goal is to make her cry and let her know that she is not without friends, she has us and we who love her wherever we are. 

In May, Si Si told us that her wedding date was scheduled for this year's National Day, a simple banquet to marry the woman in her hometown Baoji on the 2nd, and a formal wedding on the 8th in the husband's hometown in Tianjin. 

She told me that it was convenient for me to arrange to go to that game on her own. 

Of course, she wants me to go to the wedding scene to see her off. 

I'm having a hard time again. 

This year's National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday together, the holiday time is October 1st to 8th, 9th make-up class. 

If I go to her wedding on the 8th, I won't be able to go to work on the 9th. 

Although I am still in the unemployment transition period, I should be working in October, and no company will allow new employees to take time off on the first working day after the holiday. 

As a new employee, I don't have the guts to ask for leave. 

I thought to myself that I would not be able to attend her wedding. What should I do? Sisi must be sad to death. 

Juan can't come back from studying in Hungary. I won't show up again. She'll hate us to death. 

However, as social workers, they have too much helplessness to be as wayward and free as they were at school. 

In early September, I received the appointment of the offer,9 from CP Group fresh purchase, confirming that I could not attend Si Si's wedding. 

After entangling for a long time, I sent Sisi a Wechat telling her that she didn't want her to have bumps in her heart and was unhappy because of these. 

Then I'll feel guilty for a long time. 

But at that time, I encountered a lot of troubles, and my heart was so tired that I didn't want to add a note here. 

Fortunately, Si Si expressed understanding, "it doesn't matter, we are not children." 

There must be a lot of regret and helplessness. 

It's a good thing our hearts are together. 

There must be regrets, but there is nothing we can do about it. It doesn't matter. "