She Forge A Certificate Of Deposit For The Wedding

/September 2021

To give herself a glamorous wedding, the woman Xiao Yun (a pseudonym) was vain and forged a bank certificate of deposit at the bottom of the box, which was later revealed by a friend who urged her to repay the loan. 

On September 13, the Jinyuan District Procuratorate reported that after Xiaoyun was transferred for examination and prosecution on suspicion of forging financial instruments, the court decided not to prosecute relatively according to the circumstances of the crime. 

Xiaoyun, 27, has a well-off family. After graduating from junior high school, she went abroad to study. After returning to Taiyuan, she found a good job and met her favorite boyfriend. 

After that, how to hold a unique and grand wedding of her own has become something Xiaoyun thinks about day and night. 

If the wedding wants to be ostentatious, money naturally comes first, but Xiaoyun, who has just gone to work, does not have much savings, reaching out to her parents and is afraid of adults saying that she is extravagant and afraid of leaving a bad impression to her mother-in-law. 

To this end, she borrowed more than 40,000 yuan from her colleagues for wedding ceremonies, dress accessories, and other expenses. 

A few days before she got married, she felt that the dowry was not rich enough, so she forged a fixed deposit certificate of 50,000 yuan from a bank through the Internet, claiming that it was "money at the bottom of the box" given by her mother. 

Shortly after the wedding, colleagues began to urge Xiaoyun to return the money. 

To delay time, Xiaoyun thought of the forged certificate of deposit, so she sent the photo of the certificate of deposit to her colleagues, falsely claiming that she could repay the money immediately after it was due, but her colleagues asked her to withdraw it in advance. 

In desperation, Xiaoyun followed her colleagues to the bank with a fake certificate of deposit, but she was afraid that things would be exposed and dared not go to the counter to deal with it. Colleagues asked the bank staff to inquire through the photos of the certificate of deposit, and the bank staff immediately found that the certificate of deposit was forged and called the police. 

After an investigation by the public security organs, Xiaoyun was transferred for examination and prosecution on suspicion of forging financial instruments. 

Jinyuan District Procuratorate examined and verified, after comprehensively considering the circumstances of Xiaoyun's crime, made a relatively non-prosecution decision through a public review hearing. 

"Xiaoyun completed the forgery of the bank certificate of deposit, which disturbed the financial order and constituted an accomplished crime by the rules of the crime." 

According to the prosecutor handling the case, the crime of forging or altering financial notes refers to the act of using various methods to manufacture fake financial instruments, or tampering with or altering real financial instruments. 

According to the Criminal Law, whoever forges or alters financial notes shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention, and concurrently or independently be sentenced to a fine of not less than 20, 000 yuan and not more than 200000 yuan.

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