Oolong about mother in law

/September 2021

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The day before the arrival of the super typhoon "mangosteen", Hong Kong female artist Cheuk Wan-chi, who had just been promoted to be a beautiful wife, had always had a close relationship with her mother-in-law. 

However, when Zhuo Yunzhi held a wedding party earlier, Zhuo Yunzhi made a funny story about her mother-in-law. It seems that the daily relationship between the two grandchildren is not only very harmonious but also very funny. 

On this day, Zhuo Yunzhi broke the news again. Zhuo Yunzhi posted an article on her social networking site, saying that her mother-in-law had so much fun on the wedding night that she forgot where Li was put, and then her mother-in-law suspected that Zhuo Yunzhi had stolen her benefit. 

Does your mother-in-law want to add more jokes to the wedding? 

Then how can it be so funny? 

Zhuo Yunzhi said with a smile, "I gave my mother-in-law a stack of profits, and I was going to let her hand it out on my wedding night. Who knew my mother-in-law had so much fun that she completely forgot to send Parry (how could any elder be like this?" 

). " 

It was my mother-in-law who finally saw her granddaughter getting married that day and forgot to ask for Parry. Such a mother-in-law is lovely. 

Zhuo Yunzhi went on: "well, she didn't send Li. Instead, she asked me where Li was and asked me if I had stolen it. I said, do I want to steal it?" 

If it were me, I would have robbed it face to face! 

Then my mother-in-law thought about it and asked me, "where did you put it after you robbed it?" 

The editor has to say that Zhuo Yunzhi's mother-in-law is funny, and now the old people are very good at playing, always pretending to be stupid to make us happy. 

I wonder if Zhuo Yunzhi's mother-in-law is stupid or pretending to be. 

However, no matter what it is, it is undeniable that Zhuo Yunzhi and her grandparents get along very harmoniously. 

Zhuo Yunzhi said bluntly: "finally, my mother-in-law looked for it for ten minutes, only to find that the stack of profits was originally put on the bedside table." 

So in the end, in order not to kick her mother-in-law, Zhuo Yunzhi played around the game for her mother-in-law and said, "I hid here after I robbed it." 

Zhuo Yunzhi should be awarded an award for best actress here. 

Although Zhuo Yunzhi's career is very successful, at the same time Zhuo Yunzhi's personal life is controversial, but now that Zhuo Yunzhi is married, there is no need to dig other people's scars. 

Last week, Zhuo Yunzhi found the love of her life and held a wedding reception with filmmaker Liang Zixian in Central. Zhuo Yunzhi was blessed by many people that day.