One wedding and another wedding-5

/September 2021

When they parted at the airport, my sister and the sea both burst into tears. 

My sister didn't cry but hugged Xiao Hai sadly. 

After getting on the plane, my sister burst into tears. 

After my sister returned to Norway, she continued to keep in touch with the sea. 

The distance tortured her, and she often went to the hill to cry. 

After crying, I went home to wash my face, put on makeup, and then went to the camera to laugh with the sea. 

The elder sister thought that the younger sister could not last long, and persuaded the younger sister to give up intentionally or unintentionally. 

My sister firmly believes that she made the right choice. 

Until one day, she received an e-mail from the sea saying that she would study in Norway soon. 

I didn't mention it to my sister before, for fear that if the application was not successful, it would make her happy. 

The sea asked my sister to keep a secret. 

He will personally appear in front of his sister and surprise her. 

When the sea married his sister, Xiao Hai was his best man. 

My sister looked at Xiaohai and found that he had changed from a handsome boy to a handsome guy. 

He was nodding and smiling at a beautiful Asian woman in the audience, who was his wife. 

It's time for my sister to speak. In her wedding speech, there was a paragraph at the end of her speech: 

"I tell you that it will be more regrettable than to love wholeheartedly and to love with reservation. After being lovelorn, people will regret it even more. 

Because you will be plagued by a problem all your life, if I had loved unreservedly, would the result have been different? 

Time heals wounds, but not remorse. 

This kind of remorse will torture you more than the lovelorn itself in the future. 

And after loving wholeheartedly, even if failed, the pain will pass for a while, and there will be no remorse and remorse. 

True love belongs to those who dare to love. If you meet that person, don't worry about tomorrow. Love today. 

Do not ask for results, but only for the future with no regrets. 

Today's newlyweds have proved to us that love without results often brings the best results. 

I wish them all the best. " 

The dark-haired girl never told me whether she was the sister of the sister. 

I don't think that's important to me.

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