One wedding and another wedding-4

/September 2021

Xiaohai suddenly asked her: would you like to be my girlfriend? 

She refused for a simple reason: I like you, but we are about to part. 

As a person who doesn't believe in long-distance relationships, I promise you now that if you have to break up in the future, it will only add to your troubles. 

'Let's just be friends, 'she said. 

In the evening, when my sister returned to the dormitory, my sister said excitedly, "I have a boyfriend!" 

It turned out that that afternoon, the sea asked my sister the same question, and my sister agreed without hesitation. 

In the relationship between the two sisters, the elder sister has always played a parent-like role, she is confident, extroverted, decisive, and calm, while the younger sister is a bit shy, weak, neurotic, and crying in the face of difficulties. 

From small to big, the elder sister is always the one who makes up her mind, and the one who attracts attention is always the elder sister. 

This is also a good thing for her sister because she neither likes to make decisions nor to be noticed. 

The elder sister is very surprised, the younger sister's recklessness aroused her desire for protection, she said: "what are you messing about? it's going to be a parting soon." 

The younger sister said, "it is precisely because of the parting that I want to be with him now." 

I decided to give some applause from the outside! 

If you leave, you won't have a chance. " 

My sister was speechless. 

The next day, my sister moved to the boy's house. 

Every morning, when my sister woke up, she looked at her beloved and said happily in her heart, "it's a great day!" 

The boy I love is by my side! 

Of course, my sister also knows that parting is coming. 

What if it comes? 

She decided: let your future self worry.

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