One wedding and another wedding-3

/September 2021

Before I recovered from the shock, a girl next to me asked me to help tie the back of her skirt. 

She wears a pink dress and black hair, which is not common among girls in T village. 

I did. 

Then she handed me a piece of SNUS, a smokeless tobacco product that was not smoked and placed directly between the upper lip and the gums. 

An artifact for Nordic smokers to fly. 

) and a glass of wine. 

Soon I joined the ranks of AHA. I felt that everyone was so humorous and talented today. I couldn't help asking anyone to say anything to me. 

After returning home, when I was sorting out the photos of the wedding, I remembered the story of another wedding that the dark-haired girl told me. 

The protagonist is a pair of Norwegian sisters, the younger sister is the bride of the wedding, and the elder sister is the bridesmaid. 

When they went to Beijing as exchange students, they met a pair of Chinese brothers. 

The elder sister fell in love with the younger brother Xiaohai, while the younger sister fell in love with the elder brother Dahai. 

Four people go to the library to study, go shopping, go to parties, watch movies, eat strings and climb the Great Wall together. 

The weather was very fine that day, and the sky was clear and cloudless. In the morning, the four of them made an appointment to go out together. In the afternoon, the sea took her sister to the west gate of the Imperial Palace, and Xiao Hai took her sister to Jingshan Park. 

My sister looked at the golden glazed tiles and red walls in the green shade, and she couldn't help feeling sad. 

Happy times always pass too quickly. 

In two weeks, I will leave China with my sister. 

Reason told her that she could not sink any further, or it would be more painful when she parted.

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