One wedding and another wedding-2

/September 2021

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Then there is the second part of the wedding, that is, the so-called dinner. 

There are more participants in this session than in the church. 

In addition to the group of people in the church just now, there are also new colleagues, primary school classmates, WOW comrades-in-arms, and so on. 

Everyone's seats have been arranged in advance, and there is a beautiful little box on each seat, which contains chocolate, which is equivalent to the happy candy on our side. 

There is a small note on each box with the guest's name printed on it. 

If you knew your name, you wouldn't be in the wrong seat. 

I fell asleep as soon as the dinner began. 

Because after sitting, it is the parents' speaking session, and there are more parents of the newlyweds, such as real mother, stepmother, stepmother, stepfather, grandfather, stepgrandmother. 

During the meal, the kind-hearted people around me woke me up. 

After dinner, I fell asleep again. 

I didn't sleep well the night before. 

Nima, the sun is still hanging outside the window in the middle of the night, the romantic starry sky! 


When I woke up again, I was shocked. Is this the fucking Legend of Narnia? 

The music has played, grandparents in the middle of the room to the accompaniment of live rock bands, COS dance troupe, young people, some joined the ranks of the elderly dance troupe, some sat in seats and chatted with others. 

Everybody's here. Haha. 

I am instantly confused, shy and introverted people of Norway, what is wrong with you!