One wedding and another wedding-1

/September 2021

Last summer, I went to a wedding in T Village, Norway. 

It is said that the wedding in T village is generally divided into two major links. 

The first part is in the church, which is often seen in Western movies, where the pastor BLABLABLA, and then the man and the woman say that I would like to exchange rings, and the grandmother weeps with delight, and so on. 

Family members, soon-to-be family members, and close friends are generally invited to attend this session, and guests usually wear traditional Norwegian costumes or tuxedos. 

Thanks to the crying of the child in the arms of the bridesmaid, I did not go directly to see the Duke of Zhou, who did not know Norwegian in the auditorium. Of course, the child belonged to the bride and groom, their third child, and they also had a child born to the groom's ex-girlfriend. 

When the church session is over, everyone will disperse in the shape of birds and animals. 

But the wedding is not over, the men come home with some breath freshener, and the women fix their makeup, take off their dresses and change into another dress, but this time the dress is much sexier than the previous one. 

While the women look in the mirror, the lucky men who don't have to drive will squeeze onto the terrace for a drink, and the driver will have a cup of coffee or something, to try to transform themselves from shy Scandinavian teenagers into Daniel Craig who can directly "hey, babe".

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