My funny wedding-1

/September 2021

I had a dream early this morning that I was walking to my wedding in a green dress like Kara Knightley in Atonement. 

I walked through a sea, which was very blue. 

As I walked, pink flowers suddenly appeared in the lower part of the green skirt. 

When I arrived, the auditorium was still empty. I didn't know who the bridegroom was. In the soft music, I thought it was just my wedding. 

I rarely slept until eight o'clock, and before I realized who I was, I thought of Sanmao going to register her marriage in the Sahara: she said she was wearing a long dress of light blue linen and a wide-brimmed hat made of straw, and there were no flowers. I put on a handful of parsley. 

I have always been a minimalist. I think this is the wedding I want. Two people, ready-made clothes in the wardrobe, walk to the register. 

I don't like parsley. I want to hold broccoli. 

After registration, boil the broccoli and eat it. 

What a pity. 

My wedding has nothing to do with what I want. 

How to sum it up? in retrospect, I only think it's funny. 

Originally, my proposal was for two people to register without any special ceremony. 

But my French parents-in-law, who love rituals and feel very showy, firmly disagree, saying that your wedding is not only your wedding but also our holiday. 

When will we wait for a big one if we don't pick it up at the airport? 

I said that I was most afraid of annoyance. My father-in-law patted his chest and said it was all right. You just go to work and eat and pick your feet, and prepare to wrap it up on me and your future mother-in-law. Who makes us like to toss about? 

It is said that it does not bother me, it has also been annoyed several times. 

For example, a wedding dress. 

I said that my jeans canvas shoes are very good-looking, and I only wear my wedding dress once in a lifetime, so it is not environmentally friendly to buy a lot of space in the cupboard. 

Under the offensive that bothered me once a day, suddenly one day, when I squatted down vigorously, there was a big hole in my jeans. I thought my parents-in-law must have cursed my jeans. 

That's all. I finally bought a second-hand wedding dress with a minimalist design and a small size. 

When the wedding dress was ready, my father-in-law began to worry about my hair and makeup again. 

After a long period of Google, the old Frenchman, who knows nothing about the Chinese entertainment industry, found a picture of Fan BB wearing a purple dress and a steamed bread bun on the Oscars red carpet and said to me, "just do it like this!"

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