It's a lot of fun to attend the wedding-2

/September 2021

The wedding ceremony was solemnly held amid the cheers of the crowd. 

The host announced with a smile: "pay homage to heaven!" 

All of a sudden, all I saw was the ribbon flying. 

Red, yellow, blue, purple. 

With people's wishes and blessings, intertwined, intersected, gently shrouded them. 

When I saw my uncle, my aunt's face blossomed with joy, and I was too happy to speak. 

"pay homage to Gaotang two times-- husband and wife pay homage to each other!" 

In the host's round voice, everyone hugged and squeezed into the bridal chamber. 

After a while, everyone joined the table talking and laughing. 

After a few cups of tea, full melon seeds and sweet sugar balls were served. 

As soon as an uncle took the plate and put it on the table, another grandfather was about to pour melon seeds and sugar balls in front of me. I refused again and again gratefully but refused to accept it. 

I thought: "I must not propose a toast without eating, and punish me for drinking." 

So I accepted it politely. 

After a while, steaming meals continued to come up, everyone greeted each other, while eating food, everything was so quiet and beautiful, everything was infiltrated in the fragrance and luster of life. 

With time, in my memory, every time I attended a wedding, the scene of cheering made me excited. In a word, "the water in Peach Blossom Pool is as deep as a thousand feet, which is not as deep as taking part in wedding music."

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