Interesting things at the wedding

/September 2021

During the meal, the boss was very attached to the sashimi that we had eaten up. He looked back and saw that the dish on the other table was very unpopular and was left out in the cold, so he thought badly. 

I don't know why the conversation turned to me, but the boss told me that if I could get the sashimi at the back table, it would grant me a wish. 

The whole table was watching, and I said D 80 casually. 

The boss caught on to this because the company already had the budget to buy equipment. 

My heart is in full bloom. 

After confirming again and again that he can keep his word, he is going to challenge him. 

Boss, give me three minutes to think about it. 

I don't know how to make this unreasonable request to the back table, but the temptation of D80 is so great that I stand up as soon as my head gets hot. 

The eldest brothers and sisters at the table stared at me miraculously, and I was also miraculously looking for the dish. After being fruitless, I asked others about sashimi. A brother was stunned and pulled out the sashimi worth D80 from many plates and handed it to me. I smiled and explained that we were betting that if we could give it to me, we could change the D80. 

(there is no guarantee that they knew what it was at that time.). 

Then I went home smoothly, the table was very happy, and began to discuss the issues related to my transfer from the planning department to the business department. 

Afterward, they were curious about how my words moved the back table. I was just thick-skinned and honest with each other. 

It is not so difficult, plus, the boss found no seasoning for him to dip in, and a buddy at the table immediately handed it over. This is called a kind, harmonious society. He even came over to touch the wine with us before leaving. 

If, I mean, in the case and really, the boss keeps his promise, I will take a stroll to Xiamen with the money of D80, and maybe have a travel adventure, ah-ho-ho.

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