Interesting things about my cousin's wedding reception-2

/September 2021

As I recovered after being angry, I wanted to get rid of my cousin completely, so I went for a walk in the back garden of the hotel-Ah, I was free at last! 

But unexpectedly, before long, my two little cousins came to me and said to me, "Sister, my aunt asked us to be little bridesmaids."... " 

Before my cousin finished, my cousin came out of nowhere and said in a loud voice, "it is for the bride to hold the skirt!" 

The little cousin said happily, "We still have little gauze skirts!" 

Sister, come with me. In a moment, my uncle and aunt are going to talk! " 

My cousin pointed to the two little cousins and said, "you two little idiots, what are you going to talk to?"... 

I'll tell you later. I'm too lazy to tell you now! " 

I was still dragged into the hall by these three little guys. After that, I don't know where the cousin went. Anyway, I must have gone to mischief again! 

No matter how much, stay away from me-it's best! 

Before long, my 8-year-old cousin came to me crying and said to me, "Sister, I want to be a bridesmaid!" 

My brother snatched my little gauze skirt, and he took it and ran away. " 

I asked her doubtfully, "where's my little cousin?" 

She cried, "ran away with her brother." 


What's my cousin going to do? 

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The little uncle and his wife came to the microphone and were preparing to make a speech when two children in gauze skirts ran over and hurriedly picked up the bride's skirt. 

Cousin anxious: "Sister, that wearing a hat is the elder brother!" 

He's wearing my hat! " 


Since when did my cousin have a "sex reassignment operation"? 

This costume almost made me laugh, not because I looked like a pervert, but because it was a lovely little girl! 

-- how did this "operation" be so successful?