Interesting things about my cousin's wedding reception-1

/September 2021

During the meal, my grandmother served me a bowl of ginseng soup. I was about to pick it up when my cousin quickly snatched it away and said with a smile, "Grandma, my sister is too nutritious. Look, my sister is tall and beautiful. I can't even reach my sister's chin. Just give me this bowl of soup!" 

My cousin refused to give up and said to me, "Sister, don't drink it. If you drink a tonic, it will lead to acne. It won't be beautiful." 

I was so accustomed to his sweet mouth that I said to him, "are you a child of one or two years old, are you so sweet that you can get it when you grow up?" 

When I saw him drinking, he said to me indistinctly, "not yet." 

Isn't it with? 

My sister learned * ^ & ~. 

Sister is so. 

What an inappropriate choice of words, I. 

I am 10 years old * * ¥. " 

After hearing this, I quickly stood up and was about to criticize him severely. I saw that my cousin's bowl fell from his hand to the table. He looked at me foolishly and quickly said, "my sister is a beautiful woman. I am a handsome guy. The sweet mouth is the skill of handsome boys and beauties!" 

(relatives and friends burst out laughing). 

As dinner was almost over, the elders happily came to the main hall to deliver a speech for the newlyweds. 

So I followed and went to watch the grand scene. 

I found a corner to sit down and indulge in this beautiful night. 

Suddenly, my cousin came to me with a smile, took out a big balloon from behind, and said to me, "Sister, I'll give you a big balloon!" 

This cousin sent me balloons for no reason. He must have no good intentions, but looking at his sincere eyes, I slowly took the balloon and looked at the couple with intoxication. 


A loud bang-I don't know when the balloon was broken by my cousin, right in my ear! 

I screamed with fear, my heart was still pounding, and to make matters worse, I felt dizzy (it was so exciting). 

I saw my cousin smiling and making faces in the corner of the wall. 

I stood up quickly and was about to chase him, but I felt a little uncomfortable. I looked, "Ah." 

Three little earthworms are crawling leisurely on me-I am completely angry and scared!

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