I'm married-2

/September 2021

Let's talk about the funny things about the wedding. We plan to walk my father into the auditorium at 11: 30. 

However, it's 11:25 and my parents haven't arrived yet. 

Then it was found that the Uber driver could not find their place, so he left 20 minutes late. 

Then it was 11:35. My mom said they got off, but she didn't know where the wedding venue was. 

At that moment, me? 

So all the staff at the venue said on the wireless Mac, 'Please pay attention to your neighborhood to see if there is a well-dressed Asian couple, and if so, send them to the wedding venue'. 

In the end, they appeared on the field running in high heels. 

The wedding only started 10 minutes late. 

An Italian friend of mine kept crying at the wedding. 

She said that when I walked into the auditorium, the scenes we had in college flashed before her eyes. 

This same friend, when she went out with her two weeks before she got married, she kept crying that she couldn't find a suitable boyfriend in London and that she wanted to be loved. 

She thinks it is too difficult to find true love in a crowded big city. Boys of her grade just want to have sex and have no time to love. 

What I have been thinking to myself is: you are only 26 years old, so there is no need to worry. 

I was your age when I just met Hongmao 4 years ago, and we weren't looking for true love at that time. 

You might say we're a lucky couple, but it's too early to conclude that you're the unlucky one and will be single forever. 

Life is always unexpected. I think all we can do is to actively wait and strive for it. 

All in all, our wedding is better than we expected, whether it is a small episode at the wedding, or to see friends from different periods together, we feel very happy. 

As we stood hand in hand in front of all the guests to answer the registrant's questions, I looked at the smiling red-haired rotten man in front of me and confirmed a previous thought in my mind: since I finally met you, all the choices I have made before may have made me doubtful and confused, but now it seems that they are all the right choices.

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