I'm married-1

/September 2021

After my 30th birthday in May, I had planned to write a diary in my thirties', but I put it on hold because I didn't know what to write. 

After all, chicken soup is not what I am good at, and I am worried that I can not fully express what I think if my words are not good enough, and then I will inadvertently sell anxiety. 

Reconsidering the opportunity to write a similar diary, Hongmao and I got married very smoothly last Sunday. 

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Because we have lived together for a long time, our original idea for the wedding was that the wedding was just a ceremony and a marriage letter from the government, and it would not make any difference to our lives. 

Compared with one or two years of preparation time for other people around us, we only have six months to prepare for the wedding. 

My leader had a big wedding last December, and her stressful appearance left an indelible and terrible impression on me-something I didn't want. 

So when I considered the details of the wedding from the first day, the goals I made for myself were 'simple', 'intimate' and 'small'. 

Based on this idea, we have been trying to put ourselves in a Buddhist state: for example, instead of spending a lot of energy looking for 'the dress, I found a satisfactory dress from an independent designer near home, the makeup artist, and photographer were introduced by acquaintances, and Hongmao bound the suit only a month before the wedding. 

About these, in retrospect, they are all the right decisions. 

Because of the development of information, we can always easily see other people's perfect wedding'. 

In the whole process of preparation, whenever I see other people's fancy cases, it is easy for me to worry about whether something is missing in my wedding. 

Because of the idea of "once in a lifetime", I inevitably get mad sometimes: I get nervous because of a small check-in book, and I don't know what kind of flower to buy. 

But often after frantically looking up cases, I want to slap myself in the face. 

After all, other people's is other people's, you join in the fun. 

And what makes me feel the most is that often you spend time watching what other people do and you end up with anxiety. 

If you don't focus on yourself, your preferences, your partner, the ideal image that comes to mind will not be clear. 

It's fine if you choose to have a wedding for a century, but you also have the right to focus on others and you don't have to do what everyone else is doing. 

A week before the wedding, a married colleague gave me advice: Believe it or not, you will be very busy at your wedding. 

You need to spend some time alone. 

Even for five minutes, you need to focus on each other. 

Because of this suggestion, we ignored the tradition that the bride and groom could not meet before the wedding, and arranged for First Look-- to be the real first look. Hong Mao had not seen me in the wedding dress beforehand, and he also spent the night at the hotel near the venue the night before the wedding, so it was a great part for us to see each other before the wedding (make sure they didn't run away). 

Then talk about something together to ease the tension in the next link.