Happy Wedding Jokes

/September 2021

I was going to get married when I was young. I went to his wedding at the weekend, but I didn't have a decent dress. 

After work, my wife took me to the mall to buy clothes. 

I saw a coat in the shop. 1399 yuan. It's a little expensive for me. 

My wife also looked reluctant, so she pulled me and said, "Don't buy it, let's go somewhere else and have a look." 

The shop assistant looked at me and said, "if you are a man, do you still have to listen to the women?" 

The wife said disdainfully, "if you marry him, he will listen to you."... " 

The female boss was so unreasonable that she asked me to go to the office and scold me, saying, "you don't love me at all." 

I was scolded and confused, how did I offend her? 

She said, "I ate steamed buns this morning, and the cook found out that I had trimmed my eyebrows, but you didn't notice it at all." 

I said angrily, "then I also found that the landlady who sold steamed buns had cut her nails. What does this mean?" 

The female boss said, "it means you love her." 

I was angry at once. The landlady was 50 years old. She insulted me. I was so angry that I got into a fight with her. 

Female colleagues invited the boss to dinner and specially asked me to accompany her. I was impolite, so I chose something delicious and expensive. I said to them, "Leader, what do you like to eat?" 

The two people ignored me at all, their heads gathered together and chatted endlessly, and the female colleagues laughed like silver bells from time to time. 

After the dishes were served, I asked them to cook, but they ignored them and still had a hot chat. 

After a while, a female colleague said, "Brother, when my husband calls, you will say that we will entertain the boss together." 

I said no problem, and then I began to eat, delicious is not greasy, I like to eat. 

I finally decided to confess my love to her. 

When I saw her online, I wrote a long message and sent it, and finally asked, "would you like to be my girlfriend?" 

After a while, the other side replied, "I'm her mother." 

I can see that you like my daughter. " 

I was embarrassed for a while, but I didn't know where the courage came from and said, "so aunt, would you like to be my mother-in-law?" 

Three words quickly came from there: "I do."

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