Funny wedding vows

/September 2021

After attending countless wedding ceremonies and seeing many wedding vows, they are basically "I love you, I will treat you wholeheartedly", "my love for you will not change", "I will love you well" and so on. I think they basically look alike, and many would-be newlyweds like their weddings to be relaxed and happy, so don't be sentimental. 

Today, I have collected funny wedding vows for you to share with you. 

Funny wedding vows (1): 

Bride: honey, thank you for being kind to me and don't ask for anything in return. 

In the past, I always thought that happiness was owning a big house and a big jewel, but later, you gave me a new interpretation of happiness. 

When you get sick in winter, you get up early to prepare breakfast and fruit for me and watch me take the medicine before you go to work. 

I have come to understand that happiness is that you hold my hand and live a simple and down-to-earth life. 

Bridegroom: don't say anything. 

Honey, I finally got you. 


Relatives and friends, eat and drink well. 

Funny wedding vows (2): 

Bridegroom: would you like to be my mermaid and never cheat? 

Bride: I do. 

Bride: would you like to be my little train and never have a derailment? 

Bridegroom: I do. 

Funny wedding vows (3): 

Sign the deed for a bank card. 

Bridegroom: I volunteered to sign the deed of sale for the rest of my life. 

From then on, I do cattle and horses for you, you say go up, I don't go down, you say stand, I don't sit. 

Anyway, everything is up to you. 

Bride: be nice to me!

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