Funny things that happened at the wedding-1

/September 2021

There will be a lot of jokes about wedding banquets, and I wonder how many people will be able to see them at the wedding banquet. 

The fun of the wedding reception is a kind of seasoning at the wedding, which makes everyone feel more like the atmosphere of the wedding. 

Of course, weddings should be happy and warm. 

However, sometimes, because of tension, because of busyness, because of some sudden episodes, it will add some different taste to the wedding. 

These tastes will make us smile when we inadvertently think of them. 

This is the aftertaste of life. 

We can laugh over the interesting things about the wedding reception. 

Never mind, the fun of the wedding reception is a kind of adjustment. 

Next, let's take a look at some interesting things about the wedding reception for everyone to share and have fun. 

How did the Wedding March change? 

Interviewee: Xiaogang (male, 30 years old). 

I think we should take this topic to remind the hotels in Yuxi to pay attention to the wedding banquet and remember to prepare the "wedding march" in advance when receiving the wedding reception, so as not to make a joke and make people confused. 

When one of my buddies got married last year, when the newlyweds walked into the restaurant with a smile on the music, I suddenly felt that something was wrong. I didn't know exactly what was wrong at that time. I didn't understand it until later in the whisper of others. The hotel put "Wedding March" into "Birthday Song". 

Yes, until now my buddy joked that he got married to the song "Happy Birthday to you". 

A few days ago, I attended another friend's wedding. "Birthday Song" was not played, but the whole wedding was run through the "National Anthem" and "people's Liberation Army March". 

I don't mean that those tunes can't be played at the wedding, but it always sounds a little awkward. 

Later, when I talked to the people around me, I realized that many people had similar experiences and feelings. 

So, I want to say, since it is marriage, let's play the Wedding March happily.

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