Funny things that happened at the wedding-5

/September 2021

At the wedding, when there is an emergency. 

Anything unexpected can happen at the wedding, and you can't panic when you encounter these situations. You should "hit the basin and say the bowl" and make up for it as soon as possible. 

Once at a wedding, the sound line was broken and burst into flames, leaving the hotel full of smoke. 

The guests hurried out of the hotel. 

After a while, the smoke did not go away. 

The ceremony could not be postponed, so we went back to the meeting. 

As a result, the bride, groom, and guests are in no mood. 

I fell in love with the scene: "as the saying goes, good things come a long way, and our newcomers have experienced the test of 'fire'." 

Look, everyone seems to be in a fairyland, our bride and groom float like immortals, just like golden boys and girls. 

It takes a hundred years to build the same ferry and a thousand years to sleep together. This is the predestined fate of two people in their previous lives. " 

As soon as I said this, the atmosphere of the scene came alive again. 

Afterward, the bridegroom joked with me: "I didn't expect the wire to catch fire and still have such a good effect. If I had known, I would have magnified the fire a little more and matched it!" 

At the wedding, when confronted with "provocative" interference. 

At a wedding, I said something, meaning that the bridegroom had to listen to the bride, who was the chancellor of the exchequer. 

At this time, the leader of the bridegroom, who spoke on behalf of the man, took over and said to me half-jokingly, "Comrade, you are not right. It is very hard for police officers to listen to their leaders in the unit and go home to listen to their wives. Is there no freedom at all?" 

Everyone's eyes turned to me, and the atmosphere of the scene suddenly froze. 

At this time, as soon as I caught a glimpse of the bride and groom's name on the celebration banner, I immediately said, "the surname of the bridegroom is Ma, and the bride's surname is Feng. The bride has two more abilities than the bridegroom, so she must obey!" 

With thunderous applause, the leader kept nodding and saying yes.

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