Funny things that happened at the wedding-4

/September 2021

At the wedding, when you encounter something "awkward". 

I used to be an art soldier and spoke crosstalk in the army. 

The wedding host is very important to play on the spot, which is "hanging" in our crosstalk jargon. 

Some relatives went with the baby in their arms, which was going on here, and began to cry loudly over there. 

"as you can hear, the children are celebrating the wedding, too. 

As the saying goes, the louder a child cries, the bigger he will be an official in the future. 

In this special way, he wishes our bride and grooms a successful career and a bright future. 

Come on, give me a red packet! " 

Finally, I joked, "it will take more than 20 years for other people to get married, and it will take more than 20 years for them to keep an eye on their children." 

At a wedding, when the etiquette lady was carrying a glass of wine on the stage, she accidentally tripped over her feet, tilted her hand, and spilled a little bit of wine in the glass. 

Both the guests and the parents of both sides saw it, and the expression on their faces was very unnatural (wine was only spilled at the funeral). 

Seeing this scene, I hurriedly said: "as you have just seen, Miss Etiquette spilled a little wine in the glass, and this scene is the finishing touch of today's wedding banquet." 

This glass of sweet wine is sprinkled on the bright red carpet, and like my dear guests, we share the joy, happiness, and sweetness of the bride and groom at this moment, which is what we often say, "sprinkling love to the world"! 

I waved my hand and made an exaggerated gesture, and the scene burst into a long round of applause. 

They thought I arranged it especially! 

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At the wedding, when you encounter a "stuck". 

When I went back to the wedding host, my cell phone suddenly shook and I turned it off hurriedly, but this disturbed my normal mind and distracted me from the next important etiquette-I forgot to arrange for the bride's father to speak. 

As the wedding was coming to an end, I felt that the bride's uncle was always staring at me and pointing his finger at the father of the bride next to me. I suddenly remembered, and I said, "now that the wedding ceremony is over-- it's not over yet." the father of the bride will make a concluding speech. " 

I deliberately lengthened my voice to take a turn. 

Although the matter is over, but scared me in a cold sweat, if forgotten, the bride will not be able to get even with me later!