Funny things that happened at the wedding-3

/September 2021

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At the wedding, when it comes to "bad luck". 

It is taboo to get married and rain. 

When a wedding was going on, it suddenly began to rain heavily outside, and the parents of both sides, including the guests, did not look good. 

There is a folk saying that when it rains, the bride becomes talkative, and the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not good. 

Now that it's raining, I can only push the boat along with the river: "Today, it rained well, it rained well, it was timely rain." 

Everyone looked at me again in surprise. 

"It was the holy, pure, and passionate love of the two lovers that touched God, and God sowed a trace of nectar today to nourish the soil of their love and let their seeds of love take root and blossom and bear fruit as soon as possible. 

As said in a poem: how can I do nothing, how can it rain today; torrential rain is lingering love, and there is more lingering love than rain. " 

When I finished reading the poem, the audience applauded. 

That's not a poem. I made it up. 

At the wedding, when there is an omission in the link. 

When I first presided over the wedding, I was so nervous that I forgot to give the bride and groom a glass of wine. 

When the ceremony was almost over, a buddy from a band stabbed me with a drumstick and whispered that I had forgotten to make a glass of wine. 

At this time, a waiter came to tell me that their food and beverage manager was going to send the couple a basket of flowers. I had an idea and announced to the banquet: "now we have the most exciting and grand scene of our wedding-the bride and groom drink a glass of wine. Next, the food and beverage manager presents the flower basket, flowers, wine, music, and applause for our newlyweds. Look, how intoxicated and romantic our couple is at this moment." 

It's fair to say that it's over.