Funny things that happened at the wedding-2

/September 2021

At the wedding, when you meet the "troublemaker". 

For the newlyweds, the man does small business and lives in shantytowns; the woman is a white-collar worker with a superior family fortune. 

The woman's family does not quite approve of this marriage. 

On the wedding day, as soon as the bride's aunt entered the man's house, she swore: "this is not a place where people live, like a kennel!" 

As soon as I looked at it at that time, I had something in mind. 

After waiting for the restaurant, the girl's aunt poured tea and melon seed peel into the tea plate to show her dissatisfaction, and her mother-in-law was frightened by the situation. 

In order not to affect the normal conduct of the wedding, I quietly asked the bride: 

"do you love your bridegroom?" 


If you don't love me, you won't marry him. " 

"then how could your aunt do this?" 

"my aunt has no right to interfere in my marriage." 

"well, if you say that, I'll ask you later. I have a purpose. For example, if you love your bridegroom, you can say 'love' out loud. 

When I ask you what you love about him, you say,' he is neither beautiful nor handsome, but he has a heart that truly loves me, we are in love with each other, we are still young, and there is a future. Although our home is very simple today, it will be magnificent in the future. " 

During the wedding, the bride and I repeated what we had just said. 

Her aunt whispered, "such a big girl is not ashamed!" 

But then he stopped talking. 

My intention is: your niece is willing, not the bridegroom robbed her, do not always get angry with her mother-in-law. 

Then I said, people say that living on Jinshan may not necessarily feel happy, but some old people do not understand, but can not blame the elderly, their life experience tells us, but we poor husband and wife feel sadder, but in today's society we envy sincere love, true love is eternal, we also believe that young people can build a perfect home with their own industrious hands. 

When I say this, she won't make a fuss if she doesn't have the qualities.

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