Funny things that happened at the wedding-1

/September 2021

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Whether a wedding can be carried out smoothly and successfully, the wedding emcee plays an important role. 

Marriage may only happen once in a lifetime, is it a child's play? 

The author has several emcee friends, all who won the prize in the provincial wedding emcee contest, listen to them, sometimes there are loopholes, into an awkward situation. 

However, they are calm and out of danger, and there are a lot of interesting things among them. I guess the bloggers must still be immersed in the atmosphere of joy and laughter. 

At the wedding, when the joke goes too far. 

Once, when the couple was exchanging love gifts, I asked the bride, "do you love your bridegroom?" 

"Let's make do!" 

Answered the bride. 

At that time, I was stunned. I encountered this situation for the first time, and then I continued to ask, "are you willing to be in the same boat with your bridegroom and help each other until you grow old?" 

"not necessarily!" 

At that time, the guests were surprised and thought the bride was going to change her mind. 

How can it go on like this? 

I immediately said, "the bride is so humorous. On the first day I met her, I thought she was very playful. However, today's occasion is not suitable for joking." 

Today's girls are different, dare to say and dare to do, but the bridegroom does not share your joys and sorrows, white-headed old age, do you want to? " 

I was very close to her, so I stabbed her with my hand in the back, which means "say no!" 

Otherwise, people will think you are not normal! 

The bride said "no". 

After the event, I knew that the two had been in a good relationship for five years, but the bride had gone too far in her jokes at this time.