Funny things that happened at the wedding-2

/September 2021

The wedding reception turned into a promotion meeting. 

Interviewee: Li Jie (female, 32). 

Last Spring Festival I went to Kunming to attend the wedding of a distant relative. 

I didn't arrive at the wedding reception until after 06:30 in the afternoon. 

The wedding reception that day was held in a luxurious local hotel. 

When I got to the restaurant, I found a seat and sat down. With the Wedding March, the bride and groom entered the hall slowly. 

Under the guidance of the host, the bride and groom completed the procedures of introducing the process of love, paying homage to heaven and earth, paying homage to their parents, and making a toast to the guests on the rostrum, and the atmosphere of the restaurant became more and more lively. 

However, surprisingly, just as the bride and groom walked slowly off the stage after thanking the guests, three or five young people suddenly took a few boxes of belongings, walked onto the rostrum, took the microphone in the hands of the host, and began to introduce themselves. 

A few minutes later, I finally figured out that these people were marketers of a health care company, and they came on stage to introduce their company's products to the guests. 

In the following time, while we were having a wedding, these marketers took a few boxes of medicine out of the box and introduced them to the people off the stage, and then took out a few pieces of cosmetics to sell them to the people off the stage. 

Some of the guests may have become interested in the items they are marketing and rushed to the stage to see them. 

For a moment, I didn't know whether I was coming to the wedding or the product promotion meeting. 

Later, I heard my parents say that the relative also filed a lawsuit with the hotel over this matter. 

It's just that I didn't ask how the lawsuit turned out, but it was the most special wedding I've ever experienced.

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