Funny things at weddings and strange things-3

/October 2021

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However, I still heard others talk about a tragedy, that is, a pair of newlyweds suddenly broke down while walking through the crystal platform! 

The bridegroom stepped on his foot and bled on the spot. no, no, no. no, no, no. 

But the brave bridegroom insisted on finishing the ceremony, after all, so many people watched. 

Fortunately, it is the bridegroom, if it is the bride, the girl may not be able to bear the pain. 

Well, it was supposed to be a romantic wedding, but it turned out to be a tragedy. 

So if you want to use the crystal floor, you must ensure the safety of the wedding company, leave slowly, and find someone to take care of it before the opening. Don't let the guests walk around, especially the children (children like to jump). No, no, no. 

The most annoying thing about attending a wedding is the deafening music. Is it necessary to play it so loudly from the entrance of the guests to the end? they can't even hear each other. Old people with the bad heart don't like to attend weddings. 

I also hate the posture that the emcee is sensational and does not stop crying until the parents of both sides are made to cry. 

There are individual emcee will come up with some very obscene words, even more annoying. 

I met several speechless things at the weddings of relatives and friends. 

For example, restaurants cut corners, 20 tables of banquets, some tables missing 2 dishes. 

Or some tables are inferior and serve a few cheap dishes instead of the more expensive ones originally ordered. 

Some people were so careful that they found out and went to the manager, and the manager lost a few hundred yuan. 

But there must be some careless people who were cheated without noticing it. 

Moreover, the hotels that do this kind of thing are all relatively large-scale. 

On another occasion, when the ceremony was about to begin, a young mother who attended the wedding came with a 2-year-old child who wanted to urinate, so she crouched on the carpet in the aisle in the middle of the banquet and peed. The waiter came and said, "Please go to the bathroom." the mother said, "it's all right. I'll finish the pee soon." 

On another occasion, the lights were turned off during the ceremony, and there were only lights on the stage. the last step of the ceremony was to give a speech by the witness, who was a leader of the man, who talked endlessly for more than half an hour. 

When he finished, the lights were turned on, and there were only plates left on all the tables, and all the people had eaten up while he was talking. 

As soon as the newlyweds began to make a toast, everyone left.