Funny things at weddings and strange things-2

/October 2021

(3) there is a custom when we get married there, that is, the bride and groom and their immediate family members cannot use a knife or needle, let alone see red. 

I have a good friend who wore a breast-wiping wedding dress on his wedding day. Somehow, he always fell and couldn't hold on. 

There was no way, so I had to get a few stitches, but later I found that it was still not strong, that is, I pinned the needle, of course, put down the veil, and we couldn't see it. 

Not long after the marriage. 

The bride's mother had a protruding waist and shoulder, and her husband was sent out on a business trip. 


Later found that his chest pain, the doctor did not say anything, said that pay attention to rest can not be too fine. 

I was pregnant again and spent the whole pregnancy in bed. No, no, no. no, no, no. 

I can suddenly pass out on the way to antenatal examination. 

Later, the old people in the neighborhood all said that it was because they had moved the needle and thread that day. 

I don't know if it's superstition, but some people indeed get married smoothly. 

Some people just keep doing things all the time, so they are not as comfortable as being single. 

(4) dangerous crystal floor. 

Some time ago, when presiding over the wedding, the crystal floor was used on several occasions, which was similar to the form of the red carpet. The bride and groom walked out of the flower pavilion onto the crystal floor and then walked to the stage. 

Although this distance is only more than ten meters, there are a lot of problems here. No, no, no. 

Because this kind of platform is made of glass and hard plastic, the surface is very smooth, so it is most likely to slip. 

Some platforms are covered with a white carpet, but it is usually not too thick, so it is still slippery to walk. 

Of course, I don't mean absolutely, but I should be very careful. When the newlyweds come over, try to be as slow as possible. One is steady, and the other is that the effect of matching music will be more romantic. On this platform, don't play dangerous movements such as hugging the bride. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing to fall. No, no, no.

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