Funny things After Being Married

/September 2021

Wife: husband, it is said that men can catch women because they seize women's weaknesses. 

Then let me ask you when you chased me down, what weakness did you catch me? 

Husband: honey, when I was chasing you, where was I to catch your weakness? 

Wife: then what are you catching? 

Laogong: to be practical and realistic, I can grasp all your advantages? 

Wife: what are my advantages? 

Laogong: you are the fattest and heaviest in our class. 

No one in the class can move you by bike. 

Wife: Nima, how is this an advantage? 

Husband: why is it not an advantage? 

If no one can move you, no one dares to pursue you. Isn't that an advantage? 


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