Fun things to attend the wedding-2

/September 2021

The day before the wedding, I heard Ping say that Xi told the truth on the phone with her: it was a busy day. I hope Li (I) stayed in a hotel and may need to help carry the wedding bag and keep some money. 

I told Xi on Wechat, "it doesn't matter to me. If you need my help, I'll stay in a hotel. Why didn't you tell me how much you need me?" 

Fate is really wonderful, originally unknown to a group of people, unexpectedly because of Xi and know each other. 

Nine friends went to the wedding from Nanjing and drove two cars. 

At the wedding, everyone got to know each other. They were all post-90s. They all had good personalities and were comfortable with each other. 

Among them, some are Xi's classmates, some are former colleagues, and some are rental roommates. 

Xi's cousin is after 00, as the best man, he may see each other frequently these two days, he likes Han as a bridesmaid (in 1992, Xi's junior high school classmate, good best friend). 

How do I see this? 

At the wedding reception, after the ceremony, Hanjin had to leave early. When he came to talk to us, his brother suddenly stood up and said he wanted to propose a toast to her. After drinking, he immediately took out his cell phone and said to add Wechat, saying, "then add me through your sister." 

The younger brother insisted that I would add you directly. 

At that time, several of us post-90s brothers and sisters became onlookers in a second, looking at our younger brother with great interest. 


Attending the wedding is still very tired, but very happy.

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