Fun things to attend the wedding-1

/September 2021

On the day of the spring equinox, I went to Xuancheng Guangde to attend a wedding. I was so quiet by nature that I didn't like the lively scenes like weddings, and I seldom attended weddings on weekdays. 

Bride Xi is a high school classmate of my graduate classmate Ping. She has been eating and shopping together in Nanjing these years. Although the frequency of meetings is not high, we all share the same temperament and have a good relationship. 

Therefore, when Xi sent me the wedding invitation, I promised to go without hesitation. 

As a poor man, I was very happy when I paid my share of the money this time. It was strange that I had no heartache or flesh pain at all. 

Like Xiao Xi, (the three of us have done a color personality test in Xi's rental house before, my character is very similar to Xi's character, and Ping is also the overbearing president's character), do not like to bother others. 

This wedding, because and Ping discussed in advance, went to stay in Pingjia (self-built small building, very spacious), Xi must be very busy, I do not want her to spend money to find me a hotel. 

Then I told Xiao Xi: I live in the Ping family. 

After hearing this, Xi first said, "it's not easy for you to go to Guangde and stay in a hotel." 

Ping usually has little time at home, so this time she spends more time at home with her parents. I don't ask her to stay in a hotel. 

Then, she said: whatever you want, you may have to get up early to stay in a hotel and work hard with me all the way. You can sleep late and feel more comfortable at Pingjia. 

Hearing what she said, I stuck to the Pingjia family because I was in my heart.

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