Fun things about the marriage of a strange woman in Fenghua-3

/September 2021

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Also, when flipping through the photos of the best man's new house on the morning of the wedding, I saw some special wedding custom photos. I don't know whether to follow Luoyang's or Kunshan's. 

In the bridal house, there was a long bench beside the wedding bed, with a censer in the middle, with incense on it and wax on both sides, probably for sacrifice. 

There are also two small cake boxes with several dried dumplings or dumplings or something. 

When picking up, I spread a piece of red cloth on the floor at the door of the hotel. The bride had to step on the red cloth and hold a red umbrella in her hand and get on the wedding car under the escort of the bridegroom. When she got out of the wedding car and went home, the bridegroom's uncle put a red lid on the bride and carried the bride out of the car and carried her home. 

This is the reception of relatives. 

After picking up and taking home, the red washbasin prepared by the bride's house was brought by the bridegroom's sister to wash the bride's face, and the bride handed out a red envelope. Later, the bridegroom's family cooked tangyuan or dumplings for the bride to eat. 

Brother Moxie is the emcee of the wedding. 

She was so nervous that she had been hiding in the corner to recite her lines. 

At this time, the bride and groom stood at the door of the restaurant to greet the guests and took a group photo with the guests as a souvenir. 

And Brother Moxie is in the inconspicuous corner behind them. 

I said, "Brother Moshi when you are there, people will inadvertently take pictures of you. Won't they scare your father to death when they go back to check the photos?" 

Sure enough, after the wedding, the best man checked the photos taken during the wedding and suddenly found a picture of Brother Shang Moxie on the edge of the photo, staring back with big blank eyes (big eyes with a heavy number). 

The best man was startled.