Fun things about the marriage of a strange woman in Fenghua-2

/September 2021

On the evening of July 14, my brother-in-law drove us to Kunshan. On the way, I was surprised to realize that my brother-in-law, Xiao Cao, and Mo Xi were both angry Aries, and immediately felt great pressure for the best man in the passenger seat. At this time, the best man slowly looked back: I am a Leo. 

(thank you ")" 

When robbing relatives, the brother-in-law knocked on the door and roared, Huang Chao! 

Open the door! 

Huang Chao! 

Open the Door! 

If you don't open the door, I'll hit the door! 

Wonder who is Huang Chao? no one here is called Huang Chao. Huang Chao is not my classmate in primary school. 

When the wedding was about to say a nickname, it suddenly dawned on me that Huang Chao was a simple version of Huang Jintao. 

The makeup artist was more than half an hour late and called to turn off her phone. Xiao Cao was so anxious that she called the best man and said, "Damn it!" 

The two junior high school cousins at the bedside were surprised at first, then smiled at each other, and finally covered their mouths and snickered. 

When I asked my brother-in-law to kiss Sister Xiao Cao, I was probably the only one who spoke softly, and my brother-in-law whispered to me, "give me a break."... 

Well, you can only let it go if you say the woman spends her life! 

Yesterday, the bride's makeup artist was almost an hour late, and I scolded her on the phone. Mo Xi said that she would have a good talk when she came, and then get even with her when it was over. Xiao Cao, the bride, stuffed her a red envelope at noon and said that it was hard for you to take a taxi so early in the morning, and the makeup artist was ashamed of herself. 

Or Sister Cao is good!

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